Project Portfolio

Here’s what I can do for you

Editing and strategy

I can manage large print and online projects with 10+ writers, print and interactive designers, and photographers. (, San Francisco Chronicle)

I can help you rethink your approach to storytelling and your online content strategy. (Contact me for past clients and details.)

I can create, edit, and write email newsletters with >50% open rates. (PDX)

I can help you find and tell stories reflecting your commitment to equity. (EatingWell)

I can help you turn a blog post into a newsletter, LinkedIn posts, and Instagram stories — and measure the performance of each. 


I can transform technical specs, research studies, and expert interviews into illustrated stories that everyone can understand — including reporters for national magazines who pick up the story. (PDX)

I can help you tell the world about how your organization’s mission has evolved. (Gray Family Foundation)

I can help you find your voice as a thought leader in your field. (Actual Agency)

I can write articles that make people feel things. (San Francisco Chronicle)

I can write profilesLotsOfProfiles. (New York Times, OSU Extension, dozens of publications)

I can write short video scripts. (

I can write things that make people laugh. (New Yorker)

I can write and edit search-optimized copy. (Squarespace)

I can write social media copy for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other channels. (Multiple clients) 

Types of projects I specialize in
  • Articles, blog posts, op-eds
  • Email newsletters
  • Multimedia/interactive projects
  • E-books + white papers
  • Impact reports
  • Thought leadership + ghostwriting
  • Website + UX copy 
  • Large print pieces, from reports to special-edition newspapers
  • Short videos



I thrive on projects with…
  • Large, collaborative teams
  • Quick turnarounds
  • Graphic designers, photographers, and videographers
  • Trauma-informed storytelling standards
  • Creative formats