Profiles + Reporting

Don Wyse Is Growing a New Future for Farming | NY Times, 2022 

The Cook and the Heart of the Restaurant Industry [PDF] | SF Chronicle, 2019 | Beard Award finalist

When Did Vegan Food Get Beautiful? | Wall Street Journal (paywall), 2021

Restoring Indigenous Sea Gardens | EatingWell, 2021

Six Feed, an email newsletter about COVID hunger | Substack, 2020

Silicon Valley’s New Robot Vending Machines | LA Times, 2020

Can Restaurant Dishes Be Copyrighted? | Eater, 2020

Fernay McPherson Left the Fillmore and Found Her Future  [PDF] | SF Chronicle, 2018

The Fight for Labor Rights at SF’s Most Famous Taqueria [PDF] | SF Chronicle, 2018

David Lee Hoffman, Tea Guru in the Fight of a Lifetime [PDF] | SF Chronicle, 2018 | AFJ Award

Saras Rao Says Goodbye [PDF] | SF Chronicle, 2017 | CA Newspaper Assoc. Award

Pro-Choys: The Farmers Supplying Chinatown Markets [PDF] | Lucky Peach, 2013

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Additional Expertise


In 2019, I led the charge to help the SF  Chronicle revamp its lifestyle coverage in order to better tell stories about the life and culture of the Bay Area in the digital-first era. I have also run two newspaper food blogs and several email newsletters, and conceived and edited award-winning theme issues involving interactive websites and dozens of contributors. I have also copyedited many books — cookbooks, for sure, as well as full-length books on such esoteric subjects as California flyways and Sufi mysticism. 

Public Speaking

Since the publication of Hippie Food, I have given talks about the 1970s natural-food movement to audiences across the country (here’s one!). I also gave more than 50 radio and podcast interviews to programs such as NPR’s Here and Now, KQED’s Forum, KCRW’s Good Food, and the Splendid Table. I have appeared on television in Seattle, the Bay Area, and Spain (translated into Catalan, no less). That doesn’t include slew of panels I have spoken on or moderated — covering topics as varied as the disappearance of the mid-tier restaurant and the state of Chinese food in the Bay Area — as well as the chefs and writers I have interviewed on stage, including Jonathan Gold, Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski, and Charles Phan. 

Header photo credit: Rosa Furneaux / SF Chronicle