Recent Reporting and Features

newstand photo by Don Bigger

Since leaving the San Francisco Chronicle in 2019 to move to Portland, I have written for a variety of national publications, including the following stories:

Get Fat, Don’t Die (Hazlitt): Longform feature about the 1990s zine Diseased Pariah News, its cooking column for people with AIDS, and the necessity of dark humor during the last plague

The Private Chefs Risking Their Lives to Feed the Super-Rich (Eater): Dark tales from the early days of social distancing

How to Cook With Koji, the Savory Secret Weapon That Chefs Love (Epicurious): A rare home cooking article, though it’s about fermentation, so it’s on brand

There’s a New Source for Meat Alternatives: Fungi (Wall Street Journal) and KFC and Beyond Meat Are Testing Plant-Based Chicken Nuggets (LA Times): A continuation of my reporting on the alt-meat beat

How Darrell Corti Became a Tastemaker in California Food and Wine (LA Times): Profile of the owner of Sacramento’s legendary grocery store

The Articles and Experience section of this website contains a broader look at past writing.

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