‘Hippie Food’ in the Press

Hippie Food won’t come out until January, but it has already received a few mentions in the media:

Publishers Weekly: The October 16, 2017, issue of Publishers Weekly gives Hippie Food a starred review (!), calling it “informative” and “briskly paced.” “This is an outstanding food and cultural history,” the review concludes.

Kirkus Reviews: The book’s first review: Kirkus writes, “Kauffman comprehensively presents the history and the momentum of the organic food revolution while foraging for the keys to its increasing desirability and crossover appeal. An astute, highly informative food exposé that educates without bias, leaving the culinary decision-making to readers.”

Well + Good: Zoe Weiner quotes me in her short history of brewer’s yeast and why you sprinkle it on your popcorn.

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