‘Hippie Food’ in the Media

The media has discovered Hippie Food!

Commonwealth Club: My January 2018 talk at the San Francisco discussion forum was recorded and broadcast on the radio. Here is a video recording of the talk.

KQED Forum: The Bay Area’s best-known talk show featured “Hippie Food” in early February. Listen to the recording here.

Here and Now: On the NPR show, broadcast nationally, I talk to Jeremy Hobson about brown bread, back-to-the-landers and LSD. (Includes a short excerpt.)

Mother Jones: Energy bars, grain bowls, nutritional yeast — all the good stuff. Tom Philpott and I talk about Hippie Food, for Mother Jones‘ food podcast, The Bite.

NPR’s The Salt: For NPR’s national food site, Menaka Wilhelm interviews me about the spread of counterculture foods, health food in Los Angeles, and the universal aroma of food co-ops.

Washington Post: The Post‘s food editor, Joe Yonan, reflects on the hedonistic vegetarianism of Anna Thomas’s book The Vegetarian Epicure and calls Hippie Food “captivating.”

Well + Good: Zoe Weiner quotes me in her short history of brewer’s yeast and why you sprinkle it on your popcorn.

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