A few of my recent pieces

Burma Superstar tea leaf salad

In the midst of tracking down the origins of brewers’ yeast and baking numerous loaves of whole wheat bread, I have also written a few articles:

  • Rainbow Grocery Turns 40 (SF Chronicle). San Francisco’s largest collectively owned worker enterprise, as well as my favorite grocery store on the planet, is thriving without having sacrificed the values embraced by the ashram members who founded it in 1975.
  • The Bay Area’s Burmese Food Boom (SF Chronicle). A curiosity at best in the rest of the country, Burmese cuisine is as well-loved in the Bay Area as Thai or Vietnamese. After a huge crop of new Burmese restaurants opened in ever-more-distant suburbs, I sought out to find out why.
  • Seal or No Seal? (Lucky Peach). I went to Newfoundland this summer in part to eat at Canada’s best restaurant, and found myself obsessed with the island’s almost-lost heritage of eating seal meat.

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