The love of the tater tot

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    So I have a few memories. My eating habits were a result of all four of my Italian-born grandparents adopting their cooking to American ingredients. We never bought school lunches but ate pickled eggplant sandwiches, lasagna (yes, somehow my mother figured out how to wrap in tinfoil such that we could eat it), cured meat sandwiches on crusty bread, and the oddest sweet snacks like graham crackers and butter. At school, my brothers and I would trade off our delicious lunches for the “American” food that my American-born mother despised – tater tots (the most sought after trade) French fries, ring dings, little Debbie snacks and the list goes on. The graham cracker snacks just never seemed to interest anyone. [Oh, how we got in trouble when my parents found out.]

    This is not to say that my parents weren’t immune to diet fads. We had lots of muffins when they were considered a health food. The Scarsdale diet made its way into our home I vaguely remember. Fresh pesto sauce was actually new to us and we made it like crazy for a while.

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