Chinatown Diaries, Summary of Previous Posts: Jackson Street Corridor

Z&Y's fish with flaming chile oil

Z&Y's fish with flaming chile oil (lunch portion).

Chinatown Diaries chronicles one man’s effort to eat at every restaurant and food shop in San Francisco’s Chinatown, surveying the neighborhood block by block, rice plate by rice plate. Maximum entree price permitted: $10.

This Jackson Street directory is a catalogue of restaurants I have written about, either on SF Weekly‘s food blog or on my own. (See the interactive map for the full list of restaurants covered.) Please note that there are other restaurants and food shops on these streets, but these were the only ones worth writing about:

* = recommended

Wing Sing
1125 Stockton (at Jackson), (415) 433-5571
Serves: Shop selling dim sum and jook. Ridiculously cheap. Calibrate your expectations accordingly.

New Golden Daisy
1041 Stockton (at Jackson), (415) 392-0111
Serves: Barbecued meats and steam-table prepared dishes. Worth stopping in for one dish alone: the fried chicken drummettes.*

New Woey Loy Goey
699 Jackson (at Grant), (415) 399-0733
Serves: Cantonese rice plates and stir-fried noodles, plus complementary house soup. Super homey, but charming in a basement-1950s-dive kind of way.

New Lun Ting
670 Jackson (at Grant), (415) 362-5667
Serves: Chinatown-style American diner food, plus Cantonese rice plates. Food’s not great, but a San Francisco original. Local nickname, “Pork Chop House,” suggests one dish you might want to eat.

Golden Flower Vietnamese Restaurant*
667 Jackson (at Grant), (415) 433-6469
Serves: Vietnamese food, including some of San Francisco’s best pho.

New Lun Ting's roast pork (photo: J.C./Yelp)

ABC Bakery Cafe
650 Jackson (at Grant), (415) 981-0685
Serves: Massive menu of Hong Kong-style food. House specialty is Hoi Nam chicken, cold poached chicken served with chicken broth, rice cooked in broth, and scallion-ginger relish.*

Z&Y Restaurant*
655 Jackson (at Grant), (415) 981-8988,
Serves: Some of San Francisco’s best Sichuan food; lunchtime rice plates can be good deal, as long as you sift out the Chinese-American dishes.

Peninsula Seafood Restaurant
641 Jackson (at Grant/Cooper Alley), (415) 398-8383
Serves: Not very good dim sum during the day, and Cantonese seafood at night.

Great Eastern
649 Jackson (at Grant/Cooper Alley), (415) 986-2500
Serves: Better-than-mediocre dim sum during the day, and high-priced Cantonese seafood of a similar quality at night.

Bund Shanghai*
640 Jackson (at Kearny), (415) 982-0618
Serves: Shanghainese regional food, with such typical dishes as Shanghai-style dumplings, braised pork shoulder, eel with yellow chives, and stir-fried rice cake. Solid.

Kay Cheung
615 Jackson (at Cooper Alley), (415) 989-6838
Serves: Dim sum. Ho-hum but cheap.

Hunan Home’s
622 Jackson (at Kearny), (415) 982-2844,
Serves: Solid Chinese-American food, some of it spicy (the “Hunan” touch), with good service.

House of Nanking
919 Kearny (at Columbus), (415) 421-1429
Serves: Chinese-American food much loved by non-Chinese tourists.

Chef Jia’s Restaurant
925 Kearny (at Columbus), (415) 398-1626
Serves: Slightly better Chinese-American food much loved by non-Chinese locals.