Chinatown Diaries, Summary of Previous Posts: Broadway and Vallejo Streets

Yuet Lee's shrimp with egg white rice plate (photo: W. Blake Gray/SF Weekly)

Chinatown Diaries chronicles one man’s effort to eat at every restaurant and food shop in San Francisco’s Chinatown, surveying the neighborhood block by block, rice plate by rice plate. Maximum entree price permitted: $10.

Part 1 of a catalogue of restaurants I have written about, either on the SF Weekly‘s food blog or my own. See the interactive map for the full list of restaurants covered. Although I ate at every restaurant and food shop on this strip, I did not choose to write about all of them.

* denotes my recommendation

Introductory post: Kam Po*
801 Broadway (at Powell), (415) 982-3516
Serves: Cantonese roast meats and far too many rice plates to count. Great roast duck over rice.

Pho Vung Tau
708 Vallejo (at Stockton), (415) 677-4171
Serves: Standard Vietnamese menu. Decent bun, or cold rice noodles with grilled meats.

Little Garden
750 Vallejo (at Powell), (415) 399-0368
Serves: Hong Kong-style Western dishes — baked pork chop over rice, oxtail with spaghetti — and Cantonese rice plates.

Ocean Pearl
781 Broadway (at Powell), (415) 397-5799
Serves: Cantonese rice plates, some dim sum, with a focus on seafood. Quite the social scene if you’re a 70-year-old man.

Lichee Garden
1416 Powell St. (at Broadway), (415) 397-2290
Serves: Cantonese and Chinese-American dinners priced beyond my $10 price limit (for more info, read Patricia Unterman’s account of her dinners there); at lunch, serves silver noodle soups and a small menu of dim sum items.

Mee Heong*
1343 Powell (at Broadway), (415) 781-3266
Serves: In addition to a few pastries, Mee Heong serves two ginormous $4 rice plates, one with spareribs and black beans and the other with chicken and mushrooms. Both are worth eating.

Yuet Lee*
1300 Stockton (at Broadway), (415) 982-6020
Serves: Cantonese seafood; most entrees cost >$10, but $6 rice plates such as shrimp with scrambled egg are solid.

Mee Mee Bakery
1328 Stockton (at Broadway), (415) 362-3204,
Serves: Bakery with fortune cookies, good almond macaroons, and “cow-ear” cookies.

Hing LungCLOSED 12/11
674 Broadway (at Stockton)

Man Kee Cafe (then Broadway Cafe)
670 Broadway (at Stockton), (415) 788-2822
Serves: Ultra-cheap Cantonese rice plates such as fish with bitter melon and beef with bok choy. The 3-for-$20 deal is what draws most people in.

My Canh
626 Broadway (at Columbus), (415) 397-8888
Serves: Vietnamese noodle soups, beef stew with rice noodles, and crab noodle soup. Open late night, which is why drunk Yelpers love My Canh.

VIP Coffee & Cake Shop
671 Broadway (at Stockton), (415) 989-7118,
Serves: Mediocre Hong Kong-style cha chaan teng fare and an awesome cheesecake.*