Articles & Experience


The Cook and the Heart of SF’s Restaurant World (SF Chronicle, 2018 — James Beard Award finalist)
How Darrell Corti Became a Tastemaker in California Food and Wine (LA Times, 2019)
Steeped in Controversy: Marin Tea Guru in the Fight of a Lifetime (San Francisco Chronicle, 2017 — Association of Food Journalists award winner)
How Jeremy Fox Survived the First Taste of Fame (SF Chronicle, 2017)
Tiny Curry Corner in Hayward Feels the Love for the Last Time (SF Chronicle, 2016)

Food Culture

Get Fat, Don’t Die: Cooking and Black Humor in the AIDS Epidemic (Hazlitt, 2020)
The Ultimate Thanksgiving Guide, Revisited (Joy of Cooking Reissue) (Wall St. Journal, 2019)
How Carob Traumatized a Generation (New Yorker, 2018)
Many Chinas, Many Tables: Guide to Regional Chinese Cuisines in the Bay Area (SF Chronicle, 2018 — James Beard Award winner)
Preheat Your Oven to Steak (Men’s Health, 2018)
The Gayest Cook in the Castro (SF Chronicle, 2017)
ProChoys: Where Do the Vegetables in Chinatown’s Produce Markets Come From? [PDF] (Lucky Peach, 2012)
Fast, Cheap & Out of Control: The Origins of Seattle Teriyaki [PDF] (Seattle Weekly, 2007)

Reporting and Data Journalism

There’s a New Source for Meat Substitutes: Fungi (Wall Street Journal, 2019)
La Taqueria Pays More Than a Half-Million Dollars in Unpaid Wages and Fines (SF Chronicle, 2018)
While SF Restaurants Flourish, Rising Wages and Rents Threaten Slowdown (SF Chronicle, 2018)
What Is Meat? (feature package with Tara Duggan, SF Chronicle, 2017)

Restaurant Features

Whose Dish Is It Anyway? (Eater, 2019)
The Glories and Challenges of the Middle-Aged Restaurant (SF Chronicle, 2019)
Is Instagram Making Our Dim Sum Better? (SF Chronicle, 2018)
The Great Noodle Quest (San Francisco magazine, 2013)

Public Speaking

Since the publication of Hippie Food, I have given talks about the 1970s natural-food movement, some as long as an hour, to audiences across the country. I also gave more than 50 radio interviews to programs such as NPR’s Here and Now, KQED’s Forum, KCRW’s Good Food, and the Splendid Table. I have also appeared on television in Seattle, the Bay Area, and Spain (translated into Catalan, no less).

That doesn’t include slew of panels I have spoken on or moderated — covering topics as varied as the disappearance of the mid-tier restaurant and the state of Chinese food in the Bay Area — as well as the chefs and writers I have interviewed on stage, including Jonathan Gold, Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski, and Charles Phan.


In 2019, I helped the Chronicle completely revamp its lifestyle coverage, figuring out how to better tell stories about the life and culture of the Bay Area in the digital-first era. I have also run two newspaper food blogs and several email newsletters, and conceived and edited award-winning theme issues involving interactive websites and dozens of contributors. I have also copyedited many books — cookbooks, for sure, as well as full-length books on such esoteric subjects as California flyways and Sufi mysticism. And I’m keeping mum on the children’s books I wrote.