Features and Profiles

Where Does Your Tofurky Come From? (New, 2017)
Steeped in Controversy: Marin Tea Guru in the Fight of a Lifetime (San Francisco Chronicle, 2017)
The Gayest Cook in the Castro (SF Chronicle, 2017)
How Jeremy Fox Survived the First Taste of Fame (SF Chronicle, 2017)
Tiny Curry Corner in Hayward Feels the Love for the Last Time (SF Chronicle, 2016)
Pro-Choys [PDF] (Lucky Peach, 2012)
Shark Fin: Understanding a Political Soup (SF Weekly, 2011)
How Teriyaki Became Seattle’s Own Fast-Food Phenomenon (Seattle Weekly, 2007)

Reporting and Data Journalism

La Taqueria pays more than a half-million dollars in unpaid wages and fines (SF Chronicle, 2018)
What Is Meat? (feature package with Tara Duggan, SF Chronicle, 2017)
Why Is It So Expensive to Dine Out in San Francisco? (SF Chronicle, 2016)
Sales Tax Data Reveal Boom and Bust Neighborhoods (SF Chronicle, 2016)
To Bakers, Coping With Wheat Intolerance Is No Piece of Cake (SF Chronicle, 2014)

Restaurant Reviews and Features

Baumé has two Michelin stars–and Two Staff (San Francisco Chronicle, 2018)
The Burmese Food Boom (SF Chronicle, 2015)
The Bite: Josey Baker’s Monday Night Pizza Party (SF Chronicle, 2014)
The Great Noodle Quest (San Francisco magazine, 2013)
AQ: Blend of Modernist and Seasonal Creates Impressive Plates (SF Weekly, 2012)

Other Skills

I’ve run two newspaper food blogs, one of which I started, and conceived and edited award-winning special newspaper theme issues. I have appeared on numerous radio programs, including KQED’s Forum, KCRW’s Good Food, New Hampshire Public Radio and multiple podcasts, and in Seattle, I did weekly three-minute radio spots on KIRO. Since leaving anonymous restaurant criticism behind, I have spoken on a number of panels and interviewed local chefs on stage.

I have also copyedited and proofread many cookbooks, as well as full-length books on such esoteric subjects as Bugs Bunny cartoons and Sufi mysticism. And I’m keeping mum on the children’s books I wrote.

Current Fascinations

The Bay Area’s Lao restaurant boom, the history of alfalfa sprouts, and how the sustainable food movement can grow beyond being just a “beautiful revolution.”